The archipelago

The Azores archipelago, a Portuguese territory off the mainland, consists of nine islands spreading from east to west.
São Miguel it the largest and most oriental island, distant more or less 1400 km (900 miles) from Lisbon. Flores, one of the smallest and the most western island, closes the archipelago more than 2000 km off continental Europe.
In reality it is a veritable submarine chain of volcanic mountains more than 600 km in length on the edge of the Atlantic fault of which some summits flourish to form the Azores. A branch of the Gulf Stream comes to stumble on this natural rampart bringing rich marine life and soft climate. It is this warm stream coming from the Gulf of Mexico that will largely decide the on weather.
In São Miguel, the temperature of the sea water never drops below 16°C (60°F), and never exceeds 24°C (75°F).
The Açorian climate is mild and humid, it is also an anticyclonic zone, therefore also zone of conflicts between high and low pressures.
It is difficult to predict the weather during a stay, there is summer in winter and winter in summer, but always with a great softness. For your visit, you will better bring good hiking shoes and a raincoat or slicker.

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São Miguel

São Miguel is the largest and most pleasant of the Azores. It is also called the Green Island because of the abundance of its meadows and wooded mountains. The island covers an area of 747 km² (288 square miles), tallies 150,000 inhabitants and its capital is Ponta Delgada.

As all the Azores São Miguel is volcanic, the shores are generally more or less steep with here and there beaches of black sand. São Miguel is without doubt the most varied, in the sense that it concentrates all Azorean landscapes. If you are not a devourer of miles and images you can easily stay three or four weeks on the island.


Nordeste is a small seaside town of 1,000 inhabitants. Post, Banks; Pharmacy, Hospital, Doctors, Restaurants - Cafés and many different shops are proposed to you.

The Quinta Das Queimadas

Perched on a hillside, it provides a heaven of peace with a magnificent view on the Ocean and the nearby hills close to Nordeste.